Visit to Printing Press

The students of the first semester made a visit to the printing press to observe and learn the printing process on 22 November 2013. Around 90 students made a visit to the press in two batches. The students visited the printing press of the Hindi Daily- ‘Veer Arjun’. The visit was facilitated by the college management for the students. The students observed the process of page making on page layout software, the process of plate making and the printing process where the paper is inked. The students saw how a printing press works, the machines were started by the Veer Arjun officials on special request. The students were keen to learn about the printing press and the working of the newspaper as they had already studied the printing process in their theory.

The press visit proved to be a successful effort, as the students got to interact with the media professionals and felt the air in a media organization. The printing process was demonstrated by the officials in detail and the whole visit provided practical knowledge to the students.