TFI (Tobacco Free Initiative) Declamation and Painting Competition 2014

MBICEM organized an Intra College Painting and Declamation Competition in association with World Lung Foundation (WLF) and GGSIPU on November 14. The competitions were organized as a part of Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI), a joint campaign of the university and WLF.

The main aim of this initiative was to promote awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco consumption, SHS and existing legal provisions targeting staff, students and workers of all colleges/institutes of GGSIPU.
TFI helps in educating people particularly the youth not to start the use of tobacco. It treats and support tobacco consumers as a patient. MBICEM totally stands by the initiative and is an active member in promoting the ideology. For that matter, under the supervision of Prof. M.B Julka (Director, MBICEM), Dr. Ramesh Kumar Sharma (Nodal Officer, TFI, MBICEM) and Ms. Aahana Bhatnagar (Organizer, TFI, MBICEM), the competitions were held at MBICEM premises.

The event began with the screening of a short film titled ‘Tobacco as a Disaster’, made by Udit Arora, a second year student. The film focused on the harmful effects of tobacco and its consequences. The film projected some serious problems which are faced by the active smokers later in life. This was followed by Prof. M.B Julka’s address to the students. She quoted several instances of ill effects of tobacco and asked students to take an oath on ‘Say No to Tobacco’ for their benefit. The Declamation competition was judged by Dr. Manisha Rathaur, Associate Professor & Mr. Mohit Kishore Vatsa, Assistant Professor whereas, Ms. Priyanka Kumar, Deputy Director, MBICEM and Ms. Apoorva Buttan, Assistant Professor judged the Painting Competition .

The winners of both- Declamation and Painting Competition were awarded with cash prizes of Rs. 1,100/-, 700/-, 500/- respectively for securing 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions. The results are as follows:

I Prize – Rs. 1100/- Ms. Parul Rohtagi	BJ(MC) Semester I
II Prize – Rs. 700/-	Ms. Ayushi Jain BJ(MC) Semester I
III Prize – Rs. 500/-	Mr. Rishabh Dwivedi BJ(MC) Semester I
I Prize – Rs. 1100/- Ms. Rhythm Sachdeva	BJ(MC) Semester III
II Prize – Rs. 700/- Mr. Nikhil Mishra	BJ(MC) Semester V
III Prize – Rs. 500/- Mr. Abhishek Rana	BJ(MC) Semester III
Consolation Prize
Prize -	Rs. 500/- Ms. Aastha Singhal	BJ(MC) Semester I