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MBICEM is the 2nd home to me. I will be thankful for this blessing, now and forever.

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Challenging at times but rewarding at the end. It has helped me to build myself as a student, and more importantly, as an individual. Attaining perfection is the path I walk on now.

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My experience in MBICEM is like a best time of my life as last minute study time in library before exam and most important my favorite educational trip to Mount Abu and Udaipur was just superb with lovable teachers and friends.

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I had a wonderful time here with hardworking and cool staff . I learned a lot from this place..it is the place where **I realised the true value of my dreams

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MBICEM is not only a collg...its a different life...actually a perfect life...in the blessings of best teachers who acts like guardians of their students and with the friends who really means the meaning of friendship...!!!