MBTV and Take 12 Episodes

On 21 September 2012, the Broadcasting Club of MBICEM started a 40-minute broadcast on the institute’s official TV channel, MBTV, every Friday at 12 Noon. The MBTV episodes focussed on bringing the latest news of the week and entertainment shows on the screen.

Started on 6 September 2012, Take 12, the film society, telecasts a TV show every Thursday on MBTV during the lunch break. The 20-minute show aims at bringing to the students an infotainment programme which extensively includes bios of famous film personalities; short films made by the students, experimentation with various techniques of film-making and so on. Preparing the show gives an opportunity to the society members to hone their film-making skills in the three stages of pre-production, production and post-production. The shows have included bios of Dev Anand, Steve Jobs, Yash Chopra, travelogues on Delhi Tourism and Agra, and short films by the students of MBICEM, produced independently.